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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Schiedam project part 1

This was a project for Schiedam, which is a neighbor city just next to Rotterdam. We needed to design something for the mayor. A gift she could give away to the visitors of Schiedam.

Schiedam is famous for its arts and crafts, old windmills, Jenever production etc. Jenever museum inspired me.

I wanted to work on terracotta clay to produce a cup to drink the Jenever from. Originally the bottles were made of red terracotta and the drink is often drunk from transparent glass, with a stem. I didn't like the look of the glass. I wanted something more traditional.

I learned (not very well) to use throwing wheel. It is difficult but I really enjoyed it. It calms you down. Didn't work out, so I made a 2-part mold. Using liquid clay I produced simple cup, with a rounded bottom, so it would be wonky. I also used porcelain.

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