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Monday, 3 January 2011

Leerdam Glass Excursion 17th of November

Our class second excursion took a place in Leerdam Glass Museum. We had a chance to see glass blowing in action! These pictures shows how using simple moulds one can produce interesting shapes on glass. In this particular exercise it took good four tries to the group to come up with wanted end result.

It seems that some sort of hierarchy exists in glass blowing facilities; Masters takes apprentices to teach them the practice. Working on intense groups glass articles are produced slowly within the Masters observance. Extreme planning, concentration and focus is needed from the group.

I was thinking that it would be great to give it a try to learn how to blow glass. The museum had a section for 'art' glass which were mainly one-offs and often very abstract without any function. I don't think that I am that interested on that type of practice, but rather industrial glass making or small design batch production. In Leerdam they do workshops, but for a price of 195 euros for a day. Maybe next time I go to Finland, I should check Iittala glass factory's workshops. For sure glass blowing is not the cheapest practice. Apprenticeship would be probably the best option.

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