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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Presentation Technique

Presentation Technique is a subject where we learn about presenting works in a different media.

This small assignment asked us to make a mood board and packaging for chosen object. We were to think of target group, layout, typeface and style.

I chose cheese slicer, as I thought it is interesting and imperceptible product to try to sell. I wanted to design a packaging for the utensil that stands out from all the other cheese slicers on market.

My mood board consist of traditional Dutch women outfit, with all the cheese. I also thought of Devil, woman, as the horns and the pitchfork reminded me of cheese slicer with spiky edges.

Using those images as my vision I came up with two different packaging that represents devil and traditional Dutch costume. I hand painted the patterns and scanned them on photoshop. So the quality is hand crafted, on purpose. I also made a wooden mould, the shape of the blade and vacuum formed it with transparent thin acrylic sheet. This was the window.

The packaging works as the outfit and the slicer is the body. Also this particular slicer is one of those coloured ones, from the handle to the blade. It unify the product with the packaging.

It was fun thou short assignment. I would have been nice to make it all the way, more professionally. And I think the need of learning to use illustrator program would help dealing with the proportions of the worked image.

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