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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Poster Assignment part 2

I was looking for an inspiration from Dada, Bauhaus and Soviet Constructivism posters.
The bottom one is the original poster I made on A2 paper. I picked couple of different typefaces i.a. Helvetica which are Sans Serifs and are similar to the ones often used in Modernist era.

I wanted to leave plenty of empty space to emphasize the typeface used in the poster. Some of the letters are photocopies from font books and some prints from Word. I cut letters one by one and tried different arrangements. It was hard to follow the Dudok buildings features and set the cut outs in certain order. In the end the message on the poster became more relevant than the layout.

I didn't want to leave it only as a manual collage, but to scan it on photoshop as well. It was enjoyable to rearrange the fonts many different ways, and this way it became easier to find the ideal layout. The two other posters are made out of the same cut outs and without adding anything extra. What I like about them is the rusty look; you can see the photocopy quality and slight alteration on colors. Plenty of empty space works! Poster seems a bit crowded. I could get rid off few letters inside the big letter D to make it more clear.

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