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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Modelling for a photo shoot

I was involved in a photo shoot. A School mate needed me to pose for a poster. The theme was old school aviator films. I had all the costumes needed; leather jacket, white shirt and aviator glasses.

The college's photo studios are amazing. All the possible equipment available and technician always near by to help.
We created a blue screen so the photographer could cut me off from the image and place me on to the poster. Equipment used were two spot lights from above on each side of me and one soft box beside. Two big white screens were standing on each side to create contrast.

The photo shoot went well, although I felt that it was hard to pose different kind of facial expressions. As a aviator, what sort of essence should I give? I learned how to work on photo studio and how to set up blue screen. The important rule is to be prepared, as you enter the booked studio, your time is running.

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