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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Absolutely loving Belgium! Visited Brussels, Gent and Antwerp. All very different.

Brussels has it big international city feel, where the European Union is based. Followed the Tintin comic walk around the town, even got a T-shirt for souvenir! Everything seems a bit ramshackled, but the Medieval buildings made me gasp from admiration.

Gent was even more old, basically the whole town is still from the Medieval time. Little canals her and there, the lights were directed to the buildings the way that it showed details clearly, and made them look bombastic in the dark. There were many lovely dark and cosy pubs where they served exquisite Belgian beers.

I visited Antwerp just on the way back to Rotterdam and probably the most unforgettable thing was the Central Station. Oh my, how can it be station, it rather looked like enormous Cathedral with its detailed arch windows and sturdy curved stone staircases. But it was interesting mix of old and new. The platforms on the other side were up to date modern architecture with strong lights.

And what is a visit in Belgium without mussels and fries accompanied with home made mayonnaise and dark Beer!

Festival I'm certainly attending next summer!

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