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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Design Week Eindhoven is one of the must happenings to visit.

What I found interesting in Eindhoven particularly was the Design Academy Eindhoven's graduate show. I found the level of works extremely high. There were companies looking for the next big thing and plenty of public wondering around and admiring the works. Projects were professionally displayed. The pressure lowering crutches were unforgettable. The design of the product didn't remind you of a hospital but rather something organic and pure, modern gadget. And if the product really does what it promises, it can be that the crutches will be seen on markets one day.

The Blob Building caused a stir on me when I first arrived the city. Designed by Italian Architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Sitting in a taxi and heard from the local taxi driver that the building has a divided views. Some says that its an eyesore and total offence to its surroundings. Others refers to an outer space or molecule alike. Eindhoven seems to have all kind of architecture, so I guess, in this case clash of styles suits the image of the city.

It was very nice to visit another important (industrial) city in Holland. I have travelled around quite a lot already!

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