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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Concrete lamp continues

Final outcome.

It is a concrete ambience light. The dome keeps the light inside. I also chose the type of energy saving lamp that is half mirrored, so the light reflects downwards.

Once I took the block out of the mould the surface cracked from many places. The surface is partly covered with air holes. Also some part of the surface is not smooth.

I am not really happy with the end result, and unfortunately I didn't have the time to do a second round! I learned a lot from mould making especially when working with concrete. I want to try to do the lamp again, but better!

Only positive thing about the cracking and impurities on surface is that the inspiration was taken from the ancient Egyptian arts. And if you look at the works today (well, some of them are 4000 years old!), they are not in top condition any more. So to conclude, I can say that my lamp design is complete, even some of the corners are sharp and the others aren't. It totally reflects on the arts from that period!

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