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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pecha Kucha Amsterdam

It is already quite a while ago when I attended to Pecha Kucha night in Amsterdam (13th of October 2010)

Me and my classmates were told by our Presentation technique teacher that this event is worth of seeing and it might give good ideas for future presentations.

As it says on website: 'A happy crossbreed between an elevator pitch and speed dating, PechaKucha Night will present 12 participants who will show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. No more boring lectures, seminars or presentations. PechaKucha Night offers the audience the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening'.

It was great. Started 9pm, in a nice art venue, got couple of drinks and sat down. The participants were all from different areas of arts, photography, fashion design, fine art. I made some notes of each participant, as we were to hold our own Pecha Kucha presentation at college later. The points we were to look at were: performance, content and visual.

One girl, Elke, she talked about her work as a fine artist and life performer. It was very intriguing to hear her story. It was very personal, and her presentation exuded passion and enthusiasm towards her work. Not all the contestants were able to speak English fluently and they stumbled a bit, but over all the presentations flowed.

There were some rather tedious presentations as well. This guy, Jos, photographer, didn't have much to talk about and his landscape photographs were boring. He had long pauses between the images which made me feel uneasy. If one doesn't have much to show or talk about, where was the point to attend?

I think our class in London should do it! I looked and found that London College of Fashion has done something similar. In London the organization has done Pecha Kucha event three times. I think there would be interest for much more...

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