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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Concrete lamp project

Second project on Product & Concept subject was to look on traditional crafts and modern techniques. I needed to produce a interior product combining new and old.

I love ancient Egyptian art and architecture. I looked for an inspiration from statues, hieroglyphs, architecture, pyramids etc. Between the statue of Tutankhamen and Nefertiti I decided to make a lamp out of concrete in an approximate proportions of Nefertiti statue.

I made the mould out of wood which has a smooth surface, as that would give smooth surface on concrete as well. It was very hard to make the mould, the sides were tilted in 5 degree angle. And I had to cut the wooden pieces in an angles that they joined correctly one after another.

I also made a dome, which was to be the hole where to put the lamp. I had to consider that the electric cable would have to go through the concrete, so I assembled a plastic pipe from the dome to the bottom of the mould.

Using very fine silver sand and cement I produced concrete which I poured carefully in the mould. I left it to dry for five days.

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