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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ontwerpen part2

I made 20 carpet polygons. To maintain the structure, I cut sheet of aluminium and bended it in shape of polygon. Cut the carpet strips and glued them together with very strong epoxy glue.

The end result was strong and solid. I joined them together with cable ties and it became wall panelling installation.

To think of the function little further, it could be used as a modular panelling where consumer buys separate polygons, with loop system for attaching them to each other, and creates wanted pattern on the wall or ceiling. Depending of the joining of the patterns one can create low relief installation where the panels comes either more or less out of the surface.

I was happy with the end result, after struggling with the material throughout the term. To improve the project, I should seal the edges of the carpet, because it unravels. Probably by using heat.

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