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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ontwerpen = Design part1

Ontwerpen is one of the main subject I have studied. On the second year its about material research. The idea for design was to be approached through material experimentation. We were to choose material we liked and disliked. I ended up with synthetic carpet for flooring.

I did cutting, burning, glueing, melting, painting, braiding, weaving etc...

Problem was that the material is flat. wanted to produce something which would come out from the surface but didn't want to make a toy for cat (for scratching their nails) or something tacky like that!

I used cable ties to tie pieces together, also joined without using any adhesive. Tried to make it three dimensional. I didn't want to use any other visible material along the carpet. Nothing really inspired. I was actually quite lost with the project. But then I saw Something made by Hella Jongerius. A stool with round metal frame covered with felt. it looks soft and not solid, but actually you could sit on it firmly. I got the idea!

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